Question: What is Pro Iber Gaming eSports?


Answer: We are a Spanish Start Up dedicated to develope of tournaments and online competitions whose purpose is to make possible the creation of a new profession: gamer.


The platform is paid to ensure that prizes are in real money, increased thanks to the sponsors, to allow those with sufficient skill in the discipline they train to make possible their gaming career. Taking the jump from amateur to professional.


We hire gaming professionals who help us understand the real needs of players and help us to develop this platform. Strictly speaking, we also have an eSports team.



Question: Why do I have to provide a copy of my tax identification document?


Answer: As it is a remunerated competition, in accordance with Spanish and European legislation, it is considered as labour income. For what they force us to practice the declarations of income of those who participate and win in our events, as well as to collect the indirect taxes.


The regulations for the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism oblige us to collect minimum and basic information about who our users are.



Question: Why do I have to sign a service contract?


Answer: Electronic sports are not officially recognized by Spanish or European legislation, so there are no principles or administrative rules that regulate the organization of such events, nor standardized models proposed by organizations or Chambers of Commerce.


Since the participation of a player has fiscal consequences, we need to establish minimum and basic rules that allow us to conduct the competition based on an arbitration that guarantees the non-performance of behaviours that we consider prohibited for this type of event.



Question: Do I need to pay before sending registration form?


Answer: Yes. You need to purchase a pass code for the tournament from our virtual store and use it to fill the form.



Question: Do I receive any confirmation when I register?


Answer: Yes. As soon as we check your form, the organization will issue and send your Certificate of Registration.



Question: Do I need to do anything else when I register?


Answer: Practice, practice and practice. Read the Regulations well.


Then you must check-in on the date and time indicated by the organization for the development of the rounds.



Question: Why cant I find a solution to my doubts on this page?


Answer: Write us at